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Baxter Springs High School Handbook

Closed Campus


The administration, faculty, and staff of Baxter Springs High School extend a warm welcome to all students. We hope this handbook will assist you in learning school policies while it also helps you in planning and organizing your school day more efficiently. However, the handbook is not all-inclusive. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to amend any provision in this handbook that is deemed to be in the best interest of the educational process. Furthermore, the administration retains the right to issue penalties for acts not specifically addressed.


All visitors should report immediately to the office. Visitor permits will be granted to those who have business to conduct in the school. Persons requesting to relay messages to students or staff should make arrangements in the office.


Announcements will be read by the first block teacher each morning at the beginning of the first block. They will be posted on the student bulletin board, and all teachers will have copies in their rooms. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of the contents of the announcements. Items to be placed in the daily announcements must be submitted by a member of the faculty in writing by 12:30 p.m. on the day before publication.


The decision to close school is made by 6:30 a.m. and an announcement will be broadcast by KMOQ–107.1 FM, KKOW, KGGF, KOAM, KSN, and KODE. If school is cancelled, athletic events and practices will also be cancelled unless approved by the administration.


Warning bells ring at 7:50 and 7:55. The tardy bell rings at 8:00.

  • Blocks 1 & 2---- 8:00 - 9:21
  • Morning Break---- 9:21 - 9:31
  • Blocks 3 & 4--- 9:31 - 10:52
  • Blocks 5 & 6---- 10:56 -12:48
  • Blocks 7 & 8 ----12:52 - 2:13
  • Reading/Channel 1----2:17 - 3:05

Red days - Blocks 1, 3, 5, & 7 meet.
White days - Blocks 2, 4, 6, & 8 meet.

Reading/Channel 1 will meet on Red and White days.
Lunch will be served during the time frame for blocks 5 & 6. Three lunch periods will be served.


  • 1st Lunch 10:56 – 11:26
  • 2nd Lunch 11:29 – 11:59
  • 3rd Lunch 12:02 – 12:32

A warning bell will ring 3 minutes before the students are required to be in class. Students who return to class after the tardy bell rings will accumulate tardies, just like arriving late at any other class.


If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, a signed note from a parent/guardian must be presented to the office along with the prescription. All medication will be dispersed from the office.


Students may use the office phone only in an emergency with staff permission. Phone calls for students should be handled between classes, during lunchtime, or before and after school. Students are not allowed to carry cell phones or pagers in the building during school hours.


All students outside the city limits may ride the school bus. Students inside the city limits may catch the bus at the Baxter Springs Middle School.

On activity trips, students will be brought back to the high school where parents are expected to pick them up. The district does not provide bus service to the student’s home after activity trips.


Each student is provided a locker along with a lock for storage of textbooks and student materials. These lockers are for the personal use of the student and are not to be tampered with by other students. Students should never leave money in their lockers. Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to search with reasonable cause. Student lockers are to be cleaned out before leaving school at the end of the year and the locks should be turned into the office. Writing on lockers is vandalism and will be treated as such.


Teachers will be responsible for assisting any disabled students in their charge to the nearest accessible exit or safe refuge area. Disabled occupants will be assisted to one of the following meeting places outside the school: North parking lot, goal post south of school, yard west of building, shelter house east of building.


All books or other articles found should be taken to the Lost and Found in the main office. Students who have lost items should check in the Lost and Found periodically for these items. It is recommended that names be placed on all gym equipment. Students are discouraged from bringing valuable personal items to school. Owners must accurately identify lost items in order to reclaim them. Items left over thirty days will be donated to charity.


Any injury obtained at school should be reported immediately to the teacher, coach, or to the office.
USD #508 provides medical insurance coverage for students that is classified as secondary coverage, which means that it takes effect on medical expenses that are not covered by other medical insurance. Parents should contact the school office for an explanation of benefits. Supplemental coverage is provided by the school as follows:

1. All Students--classroom/bus/activities

2. Activity Students--KSHSAA Activities Treatment for injury and claim must be filed within 90 days. Parents are ultimately responsible for filing the claim and payment of treatment.
An optional school plan is also available to all students grades 9 through 12. Coverage to and from school and on school-sponsored activities is available. Nine-month term of school and year-round coverage (24 hours a day for the full year) is also available. The cost for these plans varies yearly and will be determined prior to the opening of school.
Parents who desire to purchase student insurance should pay the fees to the school at registration. All claims will be filed with the agency.


Athletic family passes are available that allows two adults and all children in the immediate family to be admitted for all regularly scheduled home athletic events during the entire school term. This does not include tournaments or state-sponsored events that may be held at Baxter Springs High School. Tickets used by any person other than the owner will be revoked without refund. Family passes cost $65.00 and may be purchased in the high school office or at any home games.


The faculty and administration encourage students to become involved in clubs and extracurricular activities. Organizations available to students:

  • Student Council
  • Pep Club Thespians
  • Science Club BPA (Business)
  • FCA Foreign Language Club
  • Scholars' Bowl BIAM (Industrial Arts)
  • Math League National Honor Society


In any institution the size of Baxter Springs High School, it is inevitable that complaints will arise on a number of issues. When these arise, part of the solution lies in following certain procedures. To register a legitimate complaint, students should take the following steps:

1. Obtain a complaint form from the office.
2. Fill out the form describing the complaint in detail and return the signed form to the office.
3. A reply from the principal regarding the complaint will be issued within one week’s time.
4. A personal conference with the principal may be arranged if the issue is still not resolved.


Students who drive to school must park in properly marked parking spaces. Appropriate space must be left for delivery trucks, trash service vehicles, and emergency access to the fire lanes. Students are not to be in their cars at any time during the school day unless they are arriving late or leaving early.


Students who ride bicycles to school must park them in the designated bike area.

  1. Bicycles should be locked while parked in the designated area.
  2. The school is not responsible for any damage to bicycles on school property.
  3. Bicycles are to be parked immediately upon arrival at school and not moved or used until school is out.
  4. Bicycles are not to be ridden on school sidewalks or at the bus loading area.
  5. Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, and other similar devices are not permitted for use on school property, whether school is in or out of session.
  6. Baxter Springs High School does not accept any liability for any person operating or using these devices.


Students are not allowed to leave the building once they get to school unless they have a pass from the office and sign the sign-out book.


Students will not leave the building during the noon hour. Baxter Springs High School has a closed lunch period, and visitors are not to be invited to school during this time.


Assemblies are offered to enhance the curriculum with information and/or entertainment. Many times, members of the community, parents, and others will visit our school to observe the program being presented. With this in mind, we ask that student behavior is refined and courteous at all times.
Prior to a general assembly, students are to report to their classrooms. Textbooks and supplies are to be left in the room, with the exception of purses and other valuables.


Students who attend home activities must be seated in the gym, stadium, etc. They are encouraged to actively participate in cheering for our teams. All cheering is to be positive for our team with no negative yells toward the other teams, team members, or referees. Students are not allowed to wander around the halls during games.

A sponsor must be present at all activities, meetings, and practices. Events are to be scheduled through the school office.


Students must ride school transportation to be eligible to represent Baxter Springs High School as a member of a team, squad, or group. Spectator attendance does not require school transportation. All students riding in a school vehicle to an activity must return in a school vehicle. Exceptions to this transportation policy must meet one of the following conditions:

  1. The parent or legal guardian of a student must be at the activity and personally take responsibility for the student from the sponsor.
  2. The parent or legal guardian of a student must come to the school at least one day before the activity and sign a form that permits the student to be released to another adult after the activity. The adult must be out of high school, over the age of 18, and personally take responsibility for the student in the presence of the sponsor. Notes or telephone calls will not be accepted.
  3. In extreme emergencies, the administration has the authority to release a student without the one-day notice and signed release.


To participate in activities, students must be carrying five new subjects and have passed at least five subjects the previous semester.


Number of Units Required for Graduation: 2003-2004 – 28 Credits Required Courses for Graduation:

  • 4 units of English-Language Arts
  • 3 units of Social Science –
    one unit of Kansas History
    one unit of American History,
    and one unit of Government,
  • 2 units of Science - one of which must be a lab course
  • 3 units of Mathematics
  • 1 unit of Physical Education
  • 1 unit of Freshman Core – Driver’s Ed./
  • Choices/Music Appreciation/ Health
  • 1 unit of Computers (or demonstrate
  • competency in the use of computers)
  • 1 unit of Fine Arts or Practical Arts
  • 12 Units of elective credit for 2004, 2005

Reading Credit - All students will be required to have a semester of reading credit for every semester of attendance at Baxter Springs High School. This credit will be accomplished through participation during reading period by reading Accelerated Reader (AR) books and earning a minimum of 12 points (AR) per quarter. When AR requirements are fulfilled, students will be required to read a book that is acceptable in an educational setting or utilize their time to work on homework.

Students who do not successfully complete the reading requirement for any semester will be placed in an extended school day program the following semester. Failure to attend the extended school day program will result in notification to the County Attorney.

Students who do not complete these requirements will not satisfy the Baxter Springs High School graduation requirements and will not be awarded a diploma or be allowed to participate in graduation.


  • Freshman 0 to 6 credits
  • Sophomore 7 to 13 credits
  • Junior 14 to 19 credits
  • Senior 20 or more credits


Grade cards will be issued to students at the end of each nine-week period. The grades used are:
A-----Superior 90 – 100%
B-----Above Average 80 – 89%
C-----Average 70 – 79%
D-----Below Average 60 – 69%
F-----Failing 0 – 59%
Incomplete Grades: A grade of incomplete is given at the end of any marking term that the student has not submitted all required work. A student has 10 school days to make up an incomplete. Failure to do so will result in the grade permanently changing to a grade of F.


Progress Reports for all students will be mailed home during the fifth week of each nine-week period.


Students will be assigned after-school remediation when they fall into any of the categories listed below:

  1. Is in danger of failing a class
  2. Failing a test in any class
  3. Missing homework or assignments
  4. Flagged on State Assessment


Semester exams are required in all classes during the assigned schedule.
All students are required to take Final Exams unless they meet the following exemptions in ALL classes:

  • 2 absences and an A average
  • 1 absence and a B average
  • 0 absences and a C average

To be exempt from the final in a class, students must not have any detentions in the class, nor may they have been assigned an ALC or OSS during the semester.
School functions will not count as absences in the Final Exemption Policy.
This exemption policy will not apply to classes taken for dual credit through Labette Community College


The spring enrollment is official. Classes cannot be changed after this time. Students should plan carefully to make the desired choices.


Some classes will be offered through Labette Community College for dual credit. High school students who meet the requirements may enroll and receive credit at both the high school and college levels. Check with the counselor for information concerning the courses offered.


If correspondence classes are to count toward graduation, the student must have approval of the administration before enrollment.


Prior approval of the administration is required for an independent study class to count toward graduation requirements.


Before summer school classes may be counted toward graduation, students must have approval of the administration prior to enrollment.


A senior may enroll as a teacher's aide with prior approval of the teacher and the administration. No credit will be issued.


Public displays of affection are no more appropriate in the halls and commons than in the classrooms. Students are not to embrace or kiss; casual handholding is permitted. Teachers who witness inappropriate behavior will warn the students involved and report those warnings to the office. The second warning may result in a parent/student/administrator conference.


The “hands-off” policy for students will be enforced at Baxter Springs High School. “Hands-off” includes any display of affection that goes beyond handholding in the school or on school grounds. Teachers will warn students and report those warnings to the office. The second warning may result in a parent/student/ administrator conference.


A basic right of each student at Baxter Springs High School is the right to learn, without interference of others’ behavior. Students who disrupt the learning process will not be tolerated. Social adjustment is the basic responsibility of the home. The basic responsibility of the school is skill development and learning.


  1. Students are to be on time to class or have a pass explaining their tardiness. Unexcused tardiness is not permitted. A student is considered tardy when he or she is not seated and prepared for class when the tardy bell rings.
  2. Always be polite. Extend courtesy to those around you. Use words like “please” and “thank you.” Never try to embarrass anyone.
  3. Raise your hand to be acknowledged before speaking in class.
  4. Homework is due at the assigned time. Late work will be penalized.
  5. The teacher dismisses the class--not the bell.
  6. Each student is responsible for cleaning the area around his or her desk or workstation.
  7. Whenever there is a guest in the room, whether an adult or a student, the guest is to be treated with respect.
  8. Students are in school to learn. If you do not understand something--ask. Extra help will be available to anyone who wishes it. Please see the teacher to arrange for extra help.
  9. Students are responsible for asking teachers for missed assignments or tests. Teachers are not expected to search for you -- it is your responsibility to ask them.
  10. The class will proceed in an orderly fashion; consequently, there will be relative quiet unless otherwise instructed.
  11. If you need to go to the lavatory or see the nurse, go to the teacher’s desk and ask quietly. If you are sick (really sick), you can quickly leave the classroom to save cleaning up a mess.
  12. Obscene, profane or vulgar language, hitting others, mocking, destroying property, cheating, or bad manners will not be tolerated at any time. All of the rules of school property apply.
  13. Students will normally not be excused from any classroom. All books, papers, and writing utensils for class should be brought at the beginning of the period. Possession of an Agenda will be required to go anywhere from the classroom. Students should never be without it.
  14. Students are not allowed to carry pagers or cell phones in the school building during school hours. Students who bring pagers or cell phones may have these items confiscated and taken to the office. Parents may pick up the electronic devices from the office.


Behavior in the dining room should be based on courtesy and cleanliness. This means leaving the area in good condition. Students are not to go into the hallways during lunch period. Books and supplies for class should be taken to the commons before first lunch. Students from other lunch periods may leave supplies in their classrooms.
Baxter Springs High School has three lunch periods with approximately one-third of the student body scheduled into each. Accordingly, it is expected that all students conduct themselves properly during the lunch periods, practice good table manners,and abide by the following:

  1. Enter and leave the cafeteria at a walk.
  2. Go through the serving line one time only.
  3. Be seated and remain seated at your table until finished eating.
  4. Clean the eating area by disposing of trays and trash before leaving.
  5. Refrain from pushing, jostling, or throwing objects.
  6. Conversation at lunch is desirable; however, loud or boisterous talk, yelling, or screaming is not a form of acceptable behavior.
  7. Credit on lunches will be extended to $10. No credit is allowed for a la carte items.
  8. School lunch program sheets with free and reduced lunch forms attached will be provided for every student at enrollment.


Students are to pass quietly through the halls, always keeping to the right. Proper conduct in the halls is expected of every student. Running, pushing, and shoving are prohibited. Students are asked to refrain from forming large groups in the hallways and hindering other students from passing.


All aspects of dress and personal appearance are extremely important in achieving the best atmosphere for educational attainment. Students are expected to keep themselves well groomed and neatly dressed at all times. Dress and appearance must not present health or safety hazards, be indecent, disruptive, distracting, or inappropriate for the classroom. The following are guidelines for students to follow:

  1. All students must wear shoes, boots, or other types of footwear. Spaghetti straps, halter tops, and tank tops, as well as shifts or dresses that have thin straps that expose the shoulders, chest, back, or midriff will not be permitted. Shirts must have sleeves. All shirts must be able to be tucked in when the arms are extended above the head.
  2. Regardless of the size of the student, the length of shorts, skirts, dresses, etc., must be mid-thigh.
  3. No excessively baggy, loose, or tight clothing will be allowed.
  4. No hats or other head coverings, including bandanas, are allowed within the building for boys or girls.
  5. Wallet chains are not allowed.
  6. Sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in the building.
  7. Torn or cut up clothing that violates the mid-thigh restriction and unstrapped overalls are prohibited.
  8. Jeans, slacks, pants, and shorts that are worn below the waistline are prohibited.
  9. Facial, tongue, or body piercing (except for the ears) will not be allowed.
  10. Any clothing or accessory that promotes tobacco, alcohol, or drug use or is found to reveal obscene or vulgar material will not be permitted.
  11. Extreme make-up, unnatural hairstyles or colors, or the wearing of inappropriate accessories will not be allowed.
  12. No clothing or accessories that can be perceived as gang-related will be allowed.
  13. Dress at school activities must be supportive of the educational environment and follow rules of common decency.
  14. Students are to have their own Agendas with them during the school day.
    Appropriate personal grooming is conducive to a desired learning environment. Any practice judged distracting or disruptive will be dealt with on an individual basis. The final decision concerning questionable dress will be made by the administration. Any student who is in violation of the dress code will be required to change clothes or return home until that individual’s dress is in compliance with the school policy.


Detention will be held after school from 3:10 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the school year. If a student, at any time, has accumulated three or more detentions in one week, he or she will be assigned to ALC. Detentions may be assigned for the following reasons:
1. Excessive tardies.
2. Activities which interfere with the teacher’s ability to teach or other students’ opportunities to learn.
3. Any items included in the discipline consequences.
4. Other items deemed appropriate by the administration.


1. Students are to come prepared to work constructively during the entire time. The teacher is there for supervision, not assistance.
2. Students are not to communicate in any way with anyone.
3. Students are not to sleep or rest their heads on the desks.
4. No food or drinks of any kind are permitted in detention.
5. The student and parents are responsible for transportation afterwards.
6. Any student who is late or is sent out of detention will be subject to the discipline listed for “Cutting Detention” in the Discipline Consequences section.
7. A 24-hour notice may be allowed in some individual cases if approved by the administration.
This policy is not meant to replace or limit the teacher’s right or responsibility for maintaining classroom discipline. The faculty may choose to use other methods of classroom management.


Students who require a high degree of supervision and structure in order to be educationally successful will be assigned to the Alternative Learning Center (ALC). A certified supervisor will assist students in completing assignments and improving behavior. The atmosphere within the ALC will be purposely strict, and students will have to earn their way back into the regular classroom. Students assigned to ALC will be required to report at 8:00 a.m. and will be dismissed at 3:10 p.m. Students will be allowed approximately 20 minutes for lunch under continuous supervision. Any student dismissed from ALC will be suspended from school for three (3) days, and then be required to finish the assigned ALC time upon returning to school.
Parents/guardians will be notified concerning assignment to ALC.


Students may be assigned a Saturday workshop for misconduct, tardiness, or truancy by the administration. Saturday workshops begin at 8:10 a.m. The main entrance doors will be open at 7:45 a.m. Doors will be locked at 8:15 a.m. Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. will not be allowed in the building and will be subject to further disciplinary action. The Saturday workshop may be from one to four hours and will end at 12:00 p.m.
Students are to bring textbooks and other work that will keep them busy for the full time. They may read library books, but no newspapers or magazines will be allowed unless assigned, in writing, by a teacher. If students do not bring an adequate amount of work, the supervising teacher will provide work for these students to complete satisfactorily. Students will not be allowed to sleep during Saturday workshops. No food or drinks will be allowed. Students are to observe all school rules.
Students who fail to attend a Saturday workshop may be reported as truant to the County Attorney’s office by the administration.


Acts of unacceptable behavior that may result in suspension or expulsion upon the first offense, depending upon the severity of the infraction, or that may result in suspension for repeated infractions, include but are not limited to the following:

1. Possession, consumption, or sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics, marijuana, addictive drugs, in any form, at school or any school-sponsored events, regardless of location.
2. Possession or exchange of drug paraphernalia.
3. Possession, threat to use, or use of lethal weapons.
4. Vandalism or destruction of school property.
5. Theft of property and/or extortion of any type or amount.
6. Any illegal activity.
7. Failure to comply with reasonable requests from the administration, faculty, or other school employees.
8. Fighting, intimidation, or threatening by word or deed (harassment).
9. Possession and/or ignition of any form of fireworks.
10. Excessive tardiness or absence.
11. Open defiance of authority.
12. Use of profanity or vulgarities.
13. Repeated violations of school regulations.
Any of the above infractions may result in the student being suspended from school for up to ten (10) school days, placed in ALC, and/or attend an expulsion hearing meeting to face possible expulsion from school. A parent/guardian conference may also be required before the student is allowed to return to school
Although no credit is given for required assignments missed during suspension, it is recommended that students keep up with homework in order to minimize the educational loss.
The decision of whether a student is to be placed in ALC or out-of-school suspension is the sole decision of the administration.


A major part of the educational process occurs in the classroom and students must be present in order to benefit from that important part. Our school can not teach students who are not present. All students enrolled at Baxter Springs High School are subject to all guidelines of the attendance policy. This policy is intended to encourage students to be regular in their attendance and applies to all BHS students — regardless of age or marital status.
This policy designates five (5) absences per class for each semester as the maximum allowed before credit is denied for the semester. The five (5) absences are to accommodate:∑ Personal Illness
∑ Appointments that could not be scheduled outside the school day
∑ Serious personal or family problems
Exceptions to this policy are as follows:
1. Students participating in school-sponsored trips, events, and activities are counted as School Activities and not counted absent.
2. Absences of three (3) days for the death of a near family member or of one (1) day for the death of other relatives are exempt.
3. Dual credit courses will follow the Labette County Community College attendance policy, which allows a maximum of three (3) absences per semester to receive college credit.
4. Students who feel exceptional or unique circumstances exist may appeal to the administration, and then to the Appeals Board.
Absences verified by a parent note, even for illness, do not exempt the absences from the attendance policy. The parent note does allow the student to make up any work missed while absent.
Doctor appointments may or may not count against the student’s five days. This will be determined at the discretion of the administration. Students are encouraged to arrange these after school or at times that do not affect any one class. Doctor notes must detail dates of the confinement and presented within fourteen days of the end of the semester.
Students eighteen years old or older are NOT exempt from the attendance policy.
It is extremely important that students understand that the 5 days for necessary absences built into the attendance policy are not to be considered “skip days”.
Students leaving school grounds “MUST” first bring a note from home and then sign out in the office before leaving. Failure to sign out will result in an unexcused absence and will be treated as a “skip” and punishment will be the same.
Truancy is defined as missing classes on a given day without parental knowledge or approval and school official approval. Known truancy will be handled according to our disciplinary grid.
Parents or Guardians are responsible for notifying the office when a student is absent giving reason for absence. The reason for absence will be recorded on the student’s daily attendance record.



  1. When a student is absent or arrives late, the parent or guardian must call the school on the day of the absence and state the reason for the absence.
  2. Any absence will be regarded as unexcused if the school is not notified within two (2) days after the absence.
  3. The school administration will determine whether a student’s absence will be excused or unexcused. An absence will be excused for:
    a) Personal illness or injury
    b) Personal family matters
    c) Approved prearranged absences
  4. The student will have one day for each day of excused absence to make up work missed. It is the responsibility of the student to request make-up work from teachers, successfully complete the missed assignments, and turn in the work on time.
  5. When a student has knowledge of a scheduled test and misses the day of that test, the student must make up the test on the first day back in class.
  6. Students who plan to be absent are to notify the principal and their instructors before the absence. Any work due the date of the absence must be turned in prior to the absence; otherwise, it will be considered late and will be subject to penalty.
  7. Students and parents are asked to wait two (2) days before asking for homework assignments for long-term absences.
  8. Students who leave during the school day must check out through the office. Students who leave without checking out will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  9. Students may not check out between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. except for doctor or dental appointments. Any exception must be cleared with the administration.
  10. When a student returns to school from a professional appointment, verification from the doctor or dentist must be turned in to the office.
  11. Students who are 18 years old and living at home with their parents are required to have parents or guardians call for absences and/or permission to leave the building. Students who are married or are 18 and living independently may sign their own excuses.
  12. In order to attend or participate in a school activity, students must be in attendance one half day. Extenuating circumstances will be handled by the administration. The parent or guardian should notify the school office in these situations.
  13. Absences for illnesses verified by a doctor’s note detailing dates of the confinement are exempt from the attendance policy. Notes must be presented within fourteen (14) days of the end of the semester.

Absences verified by a parent’s note, even for illness, do NOT exempt the absences from the attendance policy. Doctor appointments count against the student’s allowed five (5) days. Students are encouraged to arrange appointments after school or at times that do not affect any single class. Any absence, for reasons other than those listed in the excused absences, is considered to be unexcused, unless prior written approval has been given by the administration. No make-up homework assignments or examinations will be permitted for unexcused absences. Out-of-school suspensions are considered to be unexcused absences.


Students must satisfy two criteria to be awarded credit for meeting graduation requirements:
1) Students must maintain a passing grade as established by the classroom teacher.
2) Students must meet the attendance policy requirements established by the U.S.D. #508 Board of Education.
Students will receive the grade earned for the course work upon completion of the first criterion. When both criteria are met by the student, credit will be awarded and recorded along with their grade on their official high school transcript to be applied toward meeting graduation requirements.


A review at the end of the semester by the Baxter High School Attendance Review Committee, may be requested by a student or parent/guardian of a student who lost credit during the current semester. The committee will consist of four (4) staff members and a representative of the high school site counsel. The committee will examine the conditions related to each individual case. All requests must be in writing and presented to the principal. The parents and the student must attend the hearing. The committee may extend the absence limit or take such action as is required. Parents or guardians will be informed in writing of the results of such hearing.

Note: The state statute states that when a student is inexcusably absent for three consecutive school days or five or more school days in any semester then the student shall be considered not attending school as required by law and the principal shall report all such cases who are 13 to 17 years of age to the County Attorney.
Note: Any student who violates the Baxter High School Attendance Policy may be reported to the County Attorney for truancy.


Tardiness is defined as any appearance of a student after the scheduled time a class begins. (Tardiness of more than twenty (20) minutes to a class will be considered an absence.) Students that are tardy at the beginning of a school day MUST have an Admit Slip from the office to be admitted late to class. During the school day, students who are more than ten minutes late for class will not be admitted unless they have a note from the office.
Violation of the tardy policy by students shall be treated as follows:
4th, 5th and 6th tardy to one class per semester - one after school detention
7th and subsequent tardies thereafter to one class - ALC.


It is the policy of Baxter Springs USD 508 to encourage students in the use of computers and other technologies in the pursuit of academic excellence. However, certain guidelines and restrictions must be imposed to assure that the technology is used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner to provide students with the best possible learning atmosphere. Students are required to adhere to the provisions of the policy. All students under the age of 18 must obtain parental permission and have a signed form on file in order to access the district's network and the Internet.Network/Internet.

  1. The purpose of the Baxter Springs USD 508 computer network is to promote the exchange of information to further education and research and is consistent with the mission of Baxter Springs USD 508. Access to the Internet will enable students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and websites throughout the world. Parents should be warned that some materials accessible via the internet contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive to some people. While the intent of the district is to make access available to further educational goals and objectives, students may find ways to access other materials as well. The district take all possible precautions to prevent such access, but occasionally, sites are not blocked in time to prevent their access.
  2. Any use of the school network for illegal activity is prohibited.
  3. Use of the Internet to access obscene, pornographic, or dangerous material is prohibited. Students should immediately notify their teacher in the event of accidental access to an inappropriate site.
  4. Students are not allowed to access personal e-mail accounts, chat-lines, or message boards from school.
  5. The kind of program that harasses other network users or infiltrates a computing system and/or damages the software is prohibited.
  6. Users will make the most efficient use of network resources to minimize interference with others.
  7. Any use of the network that accesses outside resources must conform to their “Acceptable Use Policy."


  1. Users will respect the rights and property of others and will not improperly access, misappropriate or misuse the files, data, or information of others.
  2. Users may not share their account with anyone or leave the account open or unattended.
  3. Users will keep all accounts and passwords confidential and not accessible to others.
  4. The district is not responsible for lost files saved on the Student Server.


  1. Users are responsible to take precautions to prevent viruses on Baxter Springs USD 508’s equipment. Students may not bring data on diskettes from home to use in school computers.
  2. The illegal installation of copyrighted software or files for use on district computers is prohibited. Students may not bring files or programs to add to school computers, nor may they access and download programs from the internet on school equipment. This policy will remain in effect as long as you are a student of Baxter Springs USD 508. Any abuse of on-line services such as accessing pornography, illicit material, dangerous topics, or any material not congruent with the mission of the district will result in the loss of on-line privileges, and any destructive use of equipment may result in criminal prosecution.

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